Indigenous Peoples and Protected Areas in Africa: From Principles to Practice

Indigenous peoples and protected areas in Africa: From principles to practice

Indigenous Peoples and Protected Areas in Africa: From Principles to Practice


The impact of ten conservation projects on the lives and futures of indigenous peoples in seven African countries. This study demonstrates conservation organisations' failure to implement the 'new conservation principles' for working with indigenous and traditional peoples as established by the WCC, and the WCPA, the IUCN and WWF.

ISBN 0 9544252-1-9    312 pages    Paperback binding

This book has also been broken down into chapters:

Introduction and Overview

Case Study 1: Rwanda - The situation of the Batwa forest dwellers and conservation of the Volcanoes National Park and Nyungwe Natural Forest

Case Study 2: Democratic Republic of Congo - The Bambuti-Batwa and the Kahuzi-Biega National Park: The case of the Barhwa and Babuluko people

Case Study 3: Kenya - The Ogiek in Mau Forest

Case Study 4: Tanzania - The conflict between conventional conservation strategies and indigenous conservation systems: The case study of Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Case Study 5: Uganda - The impact of (forest) nature conservation on indigenous peoples:the Batwa of south-western Uganda. A case study of the Mgahinga and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest Conservation Trust

Case Study 6: Cameroon – Dja Wildlife Reserve - One forest and two dreams: The constraints imposed on the Baka in Miatta by the Dja Wildlife Reserve

Case Study 7: Cameroon – Boumba Bek - Protected areas and indigenous peoples: The paradox of conservation and survival of the Baka in Moloundou region (south-east Cameroon)

Case Study 8: Cameroon – Campo Ma’an - The extent of Bagyeli Pygmy involvement in the development and Management Plan of the Campo Ma’an UTO

Case Study 9: South Africa: The ‡Khomani San of South Africa

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