Who we work with

FPP partners with the following indigenous peoples' organisations, community groups and NGOs to assist forest peoples in Asia, Africa and Central/South America to secure their rights, develop their own organisations and negotiate with governments and companies to determine how economic development and conservation are best achieved on their lands.

Gemawan Institute


Lembaga Gemawan (Gemawan Institute) is an NGO in West Kalimantan, Indonesia, established since 1999 and  focusing on empowering local communities and developing advocacy towards social justice.

Gobierno Territorial Autónomo de la Nación Wampís (GTANW)


The Autonomous Territorial Government of the Wampis Nation (GTANW), which represents the Wampís nation (current self-denomination), was born as a natural process of the socio-historical process for the dignity and vindication of territorial, social, cultural, educational and e

Green Advocates


Green Advocates (the Association of Environmental Lawyers of Liberia) is Liberia’s first and only public interest environmental law organisation dedicated to: Advancing human rights protection and advocacy through sound environmental practices, and giving voice to rural, indig

Institut Dayakologi


Institut Dayakologi is a non-governmental organisation that works to revitalise and support the restitution of Dayak identity and culture.