NGO request to CERD to consider the situation of indigenous peoples in Nepal

This request to the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD), under its early warning and urgent action procedures, addresses Nepal's exclusion of indigenous peoples' representatives from the process of revising and adopting a new constitution. Submission by 15 NGOs.

Statement on the Treatment of Rohingya and Bangladeshi 'Boat People' in Asia

A joint statement from Amnesty International Australia and 93 other non-government organisations voices concern over reports that Rohingyas from Burma and migrants from Bangladesh have been forcibly expelled and abandoned in international waters by the Thai security forces since December 2008.



Media Release - Over 90 organisations worldwide call for Rohingya and Bangladeshi protection

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Amnesty International Australia has joined with 93 other non-government organisations, which work on behalf of refugees and migrants in the Asia-Pacific, to condemn human rights violations committed recently against members of the Rohingya minority and Bangladeshi migrants.

The organisations are from such diverse countries as Bangladesh, Burma, Australia, India, Egypt, Malaysia, UK, Indonesia, South Africa, Thailand, US, Zambia and Nepal.

Concerns over ADB's new proposed safeguard policies

Indigenous peoples’ representatives express their concern about the Asian Development Bank's working paper (W-Paper) on the new proposed safeguard policy, due to be considered by the Board on 24 February.Letter to the ADB