Press Release - Appeal to HSBC to become more accountable in palm oil sector

A new report by the Forest Peoples Programme launched today demands greater accountability from HSBC, the biggest bank funding the palm oil sector in South East Asia. The fast-expanding palm oil sector is known to be a major driver of deforestation and the take-over of indigenous peoples' lands without their consent. Conflicts between indigenous peoples and palm oil companies are widespread in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Press release - Parties to the CBD must respect and promote customary sustainable use to achieve conservation of biological diversity

Bonn, Germany The findings of two new reports launched today at the Convention on Biological Diversity emphatically demonstrate that global biodiversity will continue to be lost if Protected Areas fail to recognise and respect the rights of indigenous peoples and local communities. The research, conducted in the largest mangrove forest in the world, conversely shows that customary use is fully compatible with conservation and sustainability.

Boletín de Prensa - La Voz de los Pueblos Indígenas fue Censurada en Naciónes Unidas, Roma, 14 de febrero, 2008

Esta mañana en la capital italiana durante la segunda Reunión del Grupo especial de composición abierta sobre el programa de trabajo de Áreas Protegidas (APs) del Convenio sobre Diversidad Biológica (CDB), en las instalaciones de la FAO. Los representantes indígenas se retiraron del proceso del grupo de trabajo por protesta a la exclusión en el grupo de trabajo.