Heading towards Extinction Indigenous Rights in Africa: The Case of the Twa of the Kahuzi-Biega National Park, Democratic Republic of Congo


The Twa of the Kahuzi-Biega National Park were evicted from their traditional lands in the name of wildlife conservation. This book details their case in both the African context and that of emerging and established international norms and principles of indigenous peoples' rights.

ISBN 87-90730-31-3   142 pages   Published by FPP and IWGIA

Slave and Enclave: Towards a Political Ecology of Equatorial Africa


The forest communities of Gabon, the Congo and the Central African Republic have been undermined by slave wars, conquest, forced resettlement and extractive industries. The report shows how they have been deprived of control over their ancestral forests and left defenceless against foreign-dominated timber companies.

ISBN 9679998762    75 pages    Paperback   1993

People of Clay: The Twa of Rwanda

Describing the history and the contemporary situation of the Twa people of Rwanda and their efforts to address their issues through the international indigenous rights movement.

Indigenous peoples and biodiversity conservation in Latin America: From principles to practice

Book available on request from FPP office:

Conservation agencies now recognise indigenous peoples' rights to ownership and control of their lands and resources, but how has this new partnership turned out in practice? Fifteen original case studies from Latin America provide practical lessons in how the interests of indigenous peoples and conservation objectives can be reconciled.

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