FPP Series on Rights, Forests and Climate - October 2011: REDD+ in Indonesia

OverviewFor several years the Forest Peoples Programme has worked with the national NGO Pusaka and local partners in six Indonesian provinces and at the national level, to help indigenous peoples, local communities and local NGOs understand REDD+ and the obligations on governments and  REDD+ developers to respect community rights. These briefings draw on this work and review REDD+ developments in Aceh, Riau, Central Kalimantan, Central Sulawesi, Papua and West Papua and at the national level, from the perspective of the rights of indigenous peoples and local communities.

FPP E-Newsletter October 2011 (PDF Version)

Dear Friends,

In Africa, Asia and Latin America alike, forest peoples are speaking out against the continuing violations of their rights imposed by development and conservation plans that ignore their interests and deny them a voice. They go beyond resistance, insisting on their own ways of managing their lives, lands and forests.

FPP Bulletin d'Information Octobre 2011 (PDF Version)

Chers amis,

Que ce soit en Afrique, en Asie ou en Amérique latine, les peuples des forêts s’élèvent contre les violations continues de leurs droits, imposées par des projets de développement et de conservation qui ne tiennent aucun compte de leurs intérêts et ne leur accordent pas la parole. Leur position va au-delà de la résistance et met l’accent sur leurs propres modes de gestion de leurs vies, de leurs terres et de leurs forêts.