Instituto de Defensa Legal (IDL)

Instituto de Defensa Legal (IDL)

About the IDL

The IDL is a non-governmental organization in Peru devoted to the defense and promotion of human rights as part of bringing peace to this country and consolidating its democratic institutions. The IDL was founded in 1983, when general and permanent violence appeared in the country, due to the 1980's appearance of Sendero Luminoso, a political organization with terrorist methods, and because of the governmental answer that maintains a continual practice of human rights violations, principally against innocent individuals.

We are part of the National Coordinator of Human Rights CNDDHH (Coordinadora Nacional de Derechos Humanos) and belong to its directors' council and to the Peruvian Network of Human Rights Education (Red Peruana de Educacion en Derechos Humanos).


IDL's Scope of Work

IDL's scope of concern and action consists of human rights, peace, and democracy. Within this framework our efforts fall into three lines of work:

  • Legal and Juridicial
  • Information and Analysis
  • Education and Communication

Within these areas, we are engaged in a number of activities that answer to general and specific objectives:

Legal and Judicial Activities

  • Legal defense
  • information and judicial counseling
  • production and dissemination of legislative proposals
  • production and dissemination of educational materials to:
    • Judges
    • Army and Police Forces
    • social organizations
    • academic audiences
    • non-governmental organizations (NGO's)

Education and Communication Activities

  • Training activities
    • basic and second level courses
    • specialized workshops
    • promoters and leaders training
  • regional meetings with members of the civil society
  • production of training material
  • promotion, diffusion and systematization of our work
  • participation in the Peruvian Network in Education in Human Rights
  • production of radio programs as educational material

We have had our own weekly radio program since August 1994, on human rights and the everyday life of citizens.

Information and Analysis Activities

  • Database work
  • production and publishing of a monthly magazine named 'Ideele' specializing in democracy, human rights, violence and peacemaking (66 issues published by August 1994)
  • Annual balances

Activities Related to the National and International Promotion of Human Rights, Peace and Democracy

  • Support for local Human Rights Committees
  • active participation and support for the National Coordinator of Human Rights (CNDDHH)
  • organization of public events promoting debate about violence, peacemaking strategies and human rights in mass communication media
  • diffusing information to the international community and making them aware of human rights conditions in Peru

These activities allow us to:

  • provide services in order to support and answer to the actual demands and needs
  • diagnose problems and propose solutions in our specialties and areas of concern
  • promote peace, democracy, and human rights to the international community