Our approach to safeguarding

Forest Peoples Programme works to support indigenous and forest peoples to live safely and securely on their lands, and to be free to decide their futures free from coercion. The Forest Peoples Programme is a human rights organisation with strong values around the respect for the dignity of all individuals.  These values are embedded in all aspects of our work and are held true in our commitment to provide a safe and trusted environment in which to work, safeguarding the rights and interests not only of each other but also of all members of our partner organisations and local communities in which we come into contact during our work.

We have introduced a Safeguarding Policy that provides details of our commitments to work according to our values, and to work collaboratively with all our partners, allies and others with whom we come into contact, to agree values and principles to guide our collaborations. This is accompanied by an organisational Code of Conduct which staff, consultants, Board and Associates have all signed, and which provides our framework for expected standards of behaviour and respect.

We welcome the development of Safeguarding Policies and Codes of Conduct, as appropriate, by our partners, allies and others, and offer templates for use by other organisations considering the development of these.