Staff and Board

FPP employs a multi-disciplinary team with expertise in land rights, environment, development, and indigenous affairs with high-level qualifications in social anthropology, human rights law, tropical forest ecology and environmental science. The team has longstanding and extensive experience working directly with indigenous peoples and forests in all corners of the globe. FPP structures its work via three programmes: Responsible Finance Programme (RFP), Environmental Governance Programme (EGP), and Legal and Human Rights Programme (LHRP).

Dr Marcus Colchester founded FPP in 1990, and was a dynamic Director, creating and growing an organisation with a reputation for being community grounded, rigorous in its analysis, and nationally and internationally effective. In 2013 he stepped down from that role to focus on community level work, and on specific interventions and innovations at the national and international levels, especially in relation to Indonesia and the impact of palm oil concessions on communities.

During 2015 FPP underwent an organisational review prompted by a period of growth during which we recognised the need to affirm our strategies and update our operational systems in order to maximise our effectiveness, whilst maintaining our uniquely potent and grounded contributions to the struggles of indigenous and forest peoples.

As a result of the review a small Coordination and Management Team (CMT) was formed, who act together with the Director to ensure the operational health of the organisation. 



James Whitehead


Coordination and Management Team

Fiona Cottrell: Finance Lead

Louise Henson: Managing Director

Helen Tugendhat: Projects and Operations Lead, Policy Advisor



Oda Forberg Almas: Project Officer

Patrick Anderson: Policy Advisor, Indonesia

Gordon Bennett: Senior Counsel

Vicki Brown: Communications and Media Officer

Joji Cariño: Senior Policy Advisor

Catherine Clarke: Project Officer, Cameroon

Marcus Colchester: Senior Policy Advisor

Tom Dixon: Communications and Media Manager

Sue Donaldson: Finance Officer

Conrad Feather: Policy Advisor

Gavin Fielding: Project Officer, Latin America

Maurizio Farhan Ferrari: Senior Policy Advisor

Tom Griffiths: Coordinator, Responsible Finance Programme (RFP)

Vanessa Jiménez: Senior Attorney

Caroline de Jong: Co-coordinator, Environmental Governance Programme (EGP) 

Justin Kenrick: Senior Policy Advisor

Chris Kidd: Co-coordinator, Environmental Governance Programme (EGP) 

Poppy Kohner: Project Officer

Lassana Kone: Lawyer

Tom Lomax: Lawyer, Coordinator, Legal and Human Rights Programme (LHRP)

Fergus MacKay: Senior Counsel

Clare McVeigh: Policy Advisor

Lan Mei: Legal Fellow

Chantelle Murtagh: Project Manager

Kate Newman: Administration Officer

Stephen Nounah: Lawyer, Cameroon

Macnight Nsioh: Project Officer, Cameroon

Julia Overton: Logistics and Administration Manager

Anouska Perram: Lawyer

Agata Pilarz: Project Manager, Central Africa

Brian Rault: Project Finance Officer

Sarah Roberts: Institutional Finance Manager & Charity Secretary

María del Rosario Arango Zambrano: Project Officer, Colombia    

Tom Rowley: Community-based Mapping & Monitoring Officer

Miluska Elguera Solar: Project Officer, Peru

Hannah Storey: Project Officer

Bryony Timms: Head of Programme Engagement

Clare Whitmore: Database and Technical Officer

Peter Willis: Finance Manager

Tom YoungerProject Officer, Peru    



Associates are experts in their field, and are invited, known and trusted allies and critical friends to FPP who the senior staff look to for input and strategic guidance. On occasion, associates represent FPP in their sphere of expertise, or carry out short consultancies when they are best placed to do so. The role is voluntary, and was agreed at the FPP Board meeting in 2018. The Associates were established by the board to complement and strengthen the role of strategic input and advice they offer to FPP as their governing body. Current Associates are:

Jérémie Gilbert is Professor of Human Rights Law, University of Roehampton Law School, London. He is a legal authority on territorial land rights of indigenous peoples.

Norman Jiwan is an indigenous Kerambai Dayak from West Kalimantan, Indonesia. He is a long term social justice advocate with a deep experience of the palm oil sector.

Helen Newing is a policy consultant and Senior Research Associate at Oxford University Interdisciplinary Centre for Conservation Science (ICCS), with a focus on people-centred approaches to conservation and the environment.

Messe Venant is the founding Director of the community-based indigenous NGO, Okani, Cameroon.

Board of trustees

The Forest Peoples Programme (FPP) is both registered as a UK Charity and a Dutch Stichting. The members of the Board of Trustees perform their duties without remuneration. FPP meets the Wijffels Code and remuneration follows the guidelines of the VFI. (Wijfels Code is a Dutch agreement to not pay salaries higher than that of the Dutch Prime Minister; VFI is a federation of fund raising organisations)


Kate Geary (Co-Chair), Co-Director, Bank Information Centre Europe. Expertise: Community rights to land and resources, private sector, development.

Michel Pimbert (Co-Chair), Professor of Agroecology and Food Politics and Director, Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience (CAWR), Coventry University.

Séamus P Finn (Treasurer), OMI Director, Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate; Justice, Peace & Integrity of Creation. Expertise: Ethics and international finance.

Sarah Morrison (Head of Audit Committee), Director, Renaisi Ltd; Trustee, Death Penalty Project. Expertise: Charity Accounts and Interim Finance.

Marie-Josee Artist, Association of Village Leaders in Suriname (VIDS). Expertise: Gender and women’s rights, indigenous peoples’ rights, international advocacy, climate change and indigenous peoples.

Cathal Doyle, Middlesex University London School of Law. Expertise: Free, prior and informed consent, indigenous peoples’ rights, human rights, corporate engagement.

Johan Frijns, Director, BankTrack, Netherlands. Expertise: International capital flows, safeguards, organisation and personnel management.

Silas Siakor, Former Director of Sustainable Development Institute, Liberia. Expertise: Community rights to land and resources, alternative and sustainable development in Liberia.

Barney Tallack, Former Strategy and Change Director, Oxfam International. Expertise: Strategy and Strategic Change.